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Crushed gravel is used in a variety of driveway applications – most commonly as a base for asphalt paving. It offers the best compaction rate of any material used in driveway installation, and costs much less than stone or concrete. Crushed gravel driveways enhance the curb appeal of homes and last up to four times longer than asphalt paving before needing major maintenance or repairs.

Stone driveway service in Annapolis MD

At Cooper Paving, we deliver and install high compaction, low cost gravel driveways to residential customers who want to enhance the value of their home. We are committed to providing top quality customer service, and will make sure your crushed gravel driveway is installed right.

We are one of the oldest paving companies in Anne Arundel County, and have been providing customers with high quality driveway installations for over 50 years. If you need a new crushed gravel driveway, give the team at Cooper Paving a call: 410-773-9244

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