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MHIC #126941
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Seal coating is an asphalt treatment process that protects roads and parking lots from damage caused by water, oil, gas, salt, and sunlight. Applied by a brush or spray technique, seal coating is highly recommended for most asphalt paving projects, and helps reduce surface cracking over time – increasing the lifespan of the pavement.

At Cooper Paving, we are committed to providing our customers with preventative, cost effective maintenance and repair to all residential and commercial paving projects. Parking areas and roadways represent a major investment for your home or business. Our experienced seal coating and repair crews will ensure you maintain a structurally sound, durable driving surface for years to come.

The team at Cooper Paving has been specializing in seal coating, pavement repair, and roadway preservation for decades. You can always count on Cooper Paving to provide best in preventative paving maintenance.

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