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Cooper Paving offers professional driveway grading services in the Annapolis, MD area. The purpose of driveway grading is to make sure the ground is sloped away from the house and garage so that any rainfall will run away from your foundation.

If water is able to drain and pool around your foundation, this could result in many issues including foundation damage, leaks, or mold under your home. Proper grading will also create a safe and stable surface to drive your vehicle on. If rainwater and runoff are able to pool up on your driveway, this could create a slick, unsafe driving surface and will eventually damage your drive.

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Driveway Grading Services in Anne Arundel County

You might notice throughout the years that your gravel driveway will become bumpy or uneven. With regular use, this is very normal and unavoidable. This is why grading is an important part of the maintenance process for gravel and stone driveways.

Over time, loose gravel can cause portions of the driveway to settle, resulting in unwanted pot holes and ruts. Grading can maximize the longevity of your gravel driveway and help cut down on long-term repair and maintenance costs.

One of the most important parts of new construction is grading for the new parking lot. Most driveways and parking lots will connect with public sidewalks and roadways. It’s imperative that driveways have the correct slope, so that water drains safely and doesn’t put motorists and pedestrians at risk.

What is the standard degree of slope for a driveway or parking lot?

The degree of the slope is dependent on the location of the property. A general rule is there should be no more than four inches of water that pools on the surface of your driveway fifteen minutes after it rains. The professionals at Cooper Paving in the Annapolis, MD area are able to figure out the correct degree of the slope. It has to be able to drain water but cannot be so steep that it’s difficult to drive on.

There will typically be a minimum and maximum range we will adhere to, based on where you live. We will direct the flow of water towards the nearest sewer for proper drainage. Any type of new driveway will require proper grading to ensure water flows away from the home and doesn’t pool.

What does “grading the driveway” mean?

A “grade” in engineering and landscape architectural construction is the angle of slope or gradient of a leveled base. The amount of vertical inclination of a given surface in relation to that surfaces’ horizontal length is precisely calculated by our paving experts to ensure your driveway or parking lot meets project standards.

Can I provide my own grading, DIY style?

It is possible to grade your gravel driveway or parking lot by hand using a heavy metal rake or similar tool to even out the gravel. This is at least a short-term solution. However, it is far better to use more professional and precise means to grade your driveway, as this will produce the best and longest-lasting results.

The most common way of grading a driveway is to attache a large grading blade to a truck or heavy tractor. These tow-behind devices are similar in many ways to a large metal rake. Driving up and down the driveway with the blade attached to the back of a vehicle, the blades of the tool will dig into and redistribute the gravel, evenly layering it to a flat surface. This in turn fills holes and strengthens weakened areas. This will also help to make your driveway drainage work more efficiently, if done properly.

Always remember, while there is an expense to grading your driveway, it is still far lower than the expense of costly repairs should you neglect your driveway for too long.

Why Choose Cooper Paving?

At Cooper Paving, we know the importance of having proper driveway drainage and a safe, stable surface for vehicles to drive on. We have been providing driveway grading services since our doors opened for business, and we guarantee the quality of our grading work.

The team at Cooper Paving provides unbeatable customer service, no matter how big or small the job. With nearly 50 years of grading services and on-site estimating experience, you can count on Cooper Paving to deliver superior quality that will stand the test of time.

We value your time, which is why we provide fast, free estimates! Whether you need a complete driveway grading or simple touch up, our experienced operators can handle both large and small areas, and will make sure your driveway is graded properly.

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