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When you want to build a new parking lot, outdoor seating area, or other type of commercial paving project, you likely look forward to the smooth and even appearance of fresh asphalt. This sleek finish to asphalt will appear inviting for customers and patrons, which can prove beneficial to your business.

You should note that not only do you want to achieve smooth asphalt for aesthetic reasons. Even pavement will improve its longevity and structural integrity too.

Achieving this smoothness in asphalt is not always easy, which is why you should hire professional paving contractors for pavement installation projects. You can feel encouraged to consult your local paving company about your next job when you understand the importance of precise paving techniques. Discover why you should prioritize smooth, even asphalt pavement installation when you read on.

Get a Smooth Finish on New Asphalt

Risks of Uneven Asphalt Pavement

Without proper installation of asphalt, the pavement might appear rough, bumpy, and uneven. This can look unpleasant, but it could threaten the structure of the pavement too.

Uneven pavement will leave gaps in the surface where moisture from rain and other weather conditions can easily penetrate the material. Water within the asphalt can expand when frozen, straining the material and making it more likely to crack or break.

Then you can notice crumbling in the pavement surface, disruptive cracks, and potholes. This pavement damage may mean you need more frequent repairs and will need to replace it at a faster rate than usual.

If you see puddles forming on the new pavement, this can be a sign of uneven pavement installation. Then this can mean impending problems for your pavement.

Causes of Rough Asphalt Surfaces

Sometimes rough-looking or bumpy pavement may be a result of damage to the structure of the asphalt. However, if asphalt looks rough right after its installation, you may wonder why.

Proper asphalt installation requires a balanced mixing process of the correct ingredients. There should be enough asphalt to bind aggregate together and enough particles to make the asphalt strong.

Loose or rough asphalt might develop without proper compacting while laying the pavement. This process is crucial to asphalt installation to get rid of excess air between particles that might otherwise disrupt the asphalt’s appearance.

Trust Expert Pavers for Pavement Installation

To ensure you achieve that smooth finish on your new pavement, hire expert pavers to install asphalt on your property. They have the experience, training, and equipment on hand to properly mix asphalt to the best texture for your needs.

Plus, they can lay the asphalt with precision to ensure proper installation the first time. This way, you can see the task done with efficiency as well as accuracy.

Maximize the lifespan of your pavement with expert installation. The pavers will also seal coat your asphalt for you upon installation to further protect it from elements that might otherwise damage it. Get a quote for a pavement installation project by calling Cooper Paving today at 410.263.0229.

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