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The summer season can bring high temperatures and harsh rainstorms that can affect asphalt pavement on your commercial property. However, if you take proper care of your pavement, you can enjoy summer knowing that your asphalt will remain in good condition.

This means you will need to perform regular maintenance on your pavement, ensuring it stays smooth, strong, and clean. In the summer, you can plan to complete several tasks to care for pavement in these months. Read on to discover a checklist from the paving contractors at Cooper Paving that will keep asphalt pavement looking its best this summer.

Care for Your Pavement This Summer

Inspect Pavement for Winter Damage

Winter can wreak serious havoc on asphalt pavement. Snowfall can weigh heavily on this surface, making it crack or suffer other types of structural damage. This precipitation may also seep into porous asphalt, and the moisture can pose a threat to the integrity of the asphalt.

As temperatures drop in the winter, moisture within the pavement can freeze, and the water molecules will expand. This can make the pavement break up, where it can form potholes, cracks, and other problems. Without treatment or patching, these structural issues will worsen, leading to safety hazards and expensive repair work down the road.

In the summertime, you do not have to worry about this freezing risk hurting your pavement. This makes it an ideal time to inspect the pavement for damage. Take the time to thoroughly check all areas of the pavement, including its edges, so that you can ensure it all looks up to standard.

Repair Your Pavement in Mild Weather Conditions

If you spot any signs of damage to your pavement, do not hesitate to repair it. It can take less time and cost less money to repair cracks and smaller levels of damage than it would for more extensive harm to pavement.

Repairing pavement will also prove easier to do in the summer because you can worry less about cold or snowy weather impeding the progress of this project. Call your local paving contractor for an estimate for any pavement repairs you anticipate and jumpstart this project.

For similar reasons, summertime can signify the perfect opportunity to seal coat your asphalt. This process involves applying a coating over asphalt that serves as a barrier from potential external threats, including moisture. Good summer weather can allow seal coating to dry properly for maximum protective benefits.

Keep Your Pavement Clean

To maximize the lifespan of your pavement, you will need to keep it clean. This means wiping up spills before they can seep into the porous material and stain. You should also regularly sweep litter and other debris from the pavement before they can cause a safety hazard.

Make sure you pull weeds that grow on or near the pavement as well. These plants can spread and grow quickly, and their roots may cause significant damage. Keep weeds and other messes in check so that your asphalt can look beautiful and remain sturdy.

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