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Commercial property owners look forward to a smooth, polished finish to the pavement on the exterior of their premises. If grass or weeds begin to push through the pavement, you can feel annoyed at the disruption in your establishment’s aesthetics. But vegetative growth like this can also prove harmful to your pavement.

Grass or weeds may start to grow seemingly out of nowhere on your asphalt or concrete. But this growth occurs when seeds make their way into tiny cracks in the pavement.

Wind and rain can encourage this spread of seeds, and cracked pavement can be a harbor for moisture retention too. This makes for an ideal breeding ground for vegetation that can push its way to the surface of your pavement.

Though you understand the cause of this pavement damage, you also likely want to know how to fix the issue. Read on to learn more about the risks of unmanaged grass growth in your pavement as well as how to prevent and eliminate weeds and vegetation within the pavement.

Why Is Grass Growing from My Pavement

Will Grass Growth Harm My Pavement?

Weeds and grass growing in the middle or edges of your pavement can make your property appear unkempt. Not only could this make your business less appealing to potential patrons. But it may also mean your pavement could suffer damage.

The presence of this vegetation in your pavement is a sign of existing cracks in the structure of the pavement. As the grass and weeds grow, they can make the cracks wider.

With this worsening damage, you will need to pursue more extensive repairs with a paving contractor to fix the issue. So you should get rid of grass and weeds as soon as you can to preserve your pavement.

How Can I Get Rid of Weeds in My Pavement?

You can pull weeds from the pavement with your bare hands if you can get a good grip on them. To ensure they do not grow back, you should try to pull the root out along with the vegetation.

Some people may want to use a chemical-based weed killer to eliminate vegetation on pavement. While this may be effective in getting rid of these plants, they may pose a risk to the surrounding environment as well as your health.

An eco-friendly alternative way to kill weeds on pavement is by pouring boiling water atop the weeds. You may need to complete more than one session of applying this hot water to get rid of the vegetation for good.

How Do I Prevent Vegetation Growth in My Pavement?

You can reduce your risk of weed or grass growth on your pavement by taking good care of your concrete or asphalt. This will mean sweeping it in a timely fashion and inspecting it for cracks periodically.

If you do see a crack or another type of damage in your pavement, seek prompt repairs from an expert paver. Covering the crack in a timely fashion will boost the lifespan of the pavement before you need to repave it entirely. You should also seal coat your asphalt regularly. Applying this resin to the pavement creates an additional barrier between your pavement and potential dangers like seeds and moisture.

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