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Does your commercial property have asphalt, gravel, or concrete pavement? Do you plan to add paved areas to your property? You may wonder if you can tackle these paving tasks on your own. However, in most cases, you should consult with a professional paving company.

A paving contractor possesses experience, skills, and training to ensure you can install, fix, or maintain pavement in the most efficient and effective way possible. You can receive an estimate at no cost to you for your next paving job when you call Cooper Paving in Annapolis, MD today. Read on to discover three paving projects you might require that could benefit from the expert attention of a paving company.

When to Call a Paving Company

New Pavement Installation

Paving involves more than just the laying of paving material. Proper installation of new paving requires preparation of the designated land. A paver must level the ground and anticipate runoff and drainage needs for the pavement.

Without adequate draining capabilities, your new pavement can see a significant decline in its lifespan. Moisture from rain and snowfall will accumulate, seep into the pavement, and begin to expand as outside temperatures change, damaging the pavement’s structure.

When you hire an expert to install pavement properly the first time, they will consider these factors to best protect your new investment. Then you can appreciate your beautiful, durable pavement for as long as possible without complications. They can also complete the task efficiently and correctly, saving you both time and money.

Repair of Damaged Pavement

Notice cracks or potholes in your pavement? These problems not only disrupt the aesthetic of your commercial property. They also signify serious damage to the pavement. Plus, existing damage will worsen without swift intervention to repair it.

You may feel tempted to patch damaged pavement on your own. But this coverage will only provide temporary restoration of the pavement. In order to fix it thoroughly, you should consult with a paving contractor.

They can understand the extent of the damage to the pavement and provide the right option to fully restore its structure and appearance. Improperly fixed cracks and potholes may mean you still suffer further deterioration in the pavement. Get the job done well the first time to avoid extra work and better preserve your pavement.

Seal Coating Treatment

Seal coating refers to the application of a protective veneer layer over your existing asphalt. It serves to resist moisture, reducing the risk of structural damage to boost the lifespan of your pavement.

A paving company will seat coat the pavement when they install it, but it will require reapplication every two to five years. You can buy a sealer and attempt to do this task yourself. But using shovels or brooms on your own can make this job take a long time.

Plus, you may not know that you should wear safety equipment and clothes that can get messy in order to complete this task safely. Hiring an expert paver will allow the job to get finished quickly thanks to their more advanced equipment and experience. Learn more by calling your local paving company today.

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