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Whether you plan to install new pavement on your property or you currently maintain laid pavement, you should know about grading services. This process occurs during the laying of new pavement. The paver must ensure the surface is level and even before pouring asphalt, gravel, or other materials to pave the area.

Without grading, the new pavement can experience many problems that may lead to its deterioration far sooner than it should. But if you notice these complications in your pavement, you can contact a paving expert to evaluate the problem. Then they can perform grading services as a repair project to restore the damaged pavement.

So you should not overlook this step in the pavement process. Take a look at your existing pavement for potential issues and reach out to your local paving contractor if you think you can benefit from these services. Read on to learn more about the importance of grading when it comes to paving.

Do I Need Pavement Grading Services

Signs of Improper Land Grading

Grading ensures the pavement has a solid foundation so that you can see a smooth, flat, and stable finish on your asphalt or gravel. But improper grading may lead to long-term repercussions for your pavement.

If you see puddles forming on your pavement after a rainstorm, this may mean that the surface is uneven. This could disturb passing vehicles or pose a hazard to pedestrians. Also, the puddles themselves may introduce structural concerns to the pavement.

Puddles point to moisture accumulation, and the water can easily seep into porous materials like asphalt. Water can then seriously harm the pavement, especially if it freezes during cold weather.

Your pavement can then form cracks or potholes which will need more extensive repair work. If you do not address these structural problems or grading issues, the damage to the pavement will worsen. Then you may need even more costly and time-consuming repairs.

But you can call a paving contractor to fix the grading, which can extend the lifespan of your pavement. Trust an expert for pavement installation so that they can grade the surface properly as well.

Pavement Grading Process

When laying new pavement, the paver first clears the designated area of landscaping and other obstacles. Then they excavate the land to prepare the ground to support the pavement. This will also allow for proper irrigation and drainage to further ensure long-lasting results.

The grading process comes next, and the contractor will use a machine called a sub-grade to pass over the land. This will pack the ground into a smooth and even surface. The process ensures a level space with no soft spots that can pose a problem for the pavement in the future.

The contractor will consider appropriate angles for adequate drainage to improve the integrity of the pavement during this stage. Then they can lay fresh asphalt or gravel over this area to finish the paving project. Learn more about what this process entails by calling your local paving expert today.

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