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If you plan to pave an outdoor area on your commercial property, you might consider asphalt material for this project. This durable, affordable, reliable pavement will look beautiful while withstanding pressure and external threats for many years. But did you know that you can choose recycled asphalt to pave with rather than brand-new asphalt?

Your efforts in improving sustainability and the environment in your community can extend to your paving project when you pave with recycled asphalt. However, you might wonder if this pavement option will impact its function. Read on to find responses from your local paving company to frequently asked questions about the recycling capabilities of asphalt pavement.

Asphalt Paving FAQs

What Is Reclaimed Asphalt Product?

Recycled asphalt comes in the form of reclaimed asphalt product, also known as RAP. This material is made from chunks of older asphalt removed from its previous paving project and reused.

The end result is the same as brand-new asphalt, providing the same long-lasting strength and durability. You can enjoy this recycled asphalt for 20 years or longer with appropriate maintenance. As with new asphalt, consider seal coating your RAP pavement to maximize the longevity of the asphalt.

It will also look exactly the same as well, so you will not compromise when it comes to the aesthetics of your paving project either. You can achieve your desired results when it comes to paving with RAP but with a sustainable finish.

Why Should I Consider Paving with Recycled Asphalt?

Many people appreciate that recycled asphalt offers the same extensive benefits as new asphalt. And RAP brings the advantage of being environmentally friendly. You will not have to worry about utilizing more precious natural resources and can instead feel confident in the recycling process.

An additional benefit of RAP is that it is cheaper to install than new asphalt. New paving materials can be expensive, so you can see major savings if you pave with recycled asphalt instead.

The benefits seem clear, but not many people realize that using RAP can offer such a distinct advantage. Contact your paving contractor to learn more about what RAP can do for your paving needs. They can also give you an estimate of employing this material for your project.

How Can I Recycle My Asphalt?

RAP comes from the removal of the upper layer of already-laid asphalt. The broken pieces then load into a special machine called an asphalt recycler that will tumble the material at high heat until it achieves the right paving consistency.

Pavers then mix the asphalt with a bonding material to ensure the pieces come together effectively for a reliable finish. Then they can use the RAP for another paving project.

The asphalt recycler can reclaim a large amount of used asphalt in a short amount of time. Save money and feel good about your effect on your community and the planet by recycling your old asphalt and using RAP for your paving plans.

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