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The arrival of spring brings warm and pleasant weather. But also marks the start of allergy season, a period when pollen levels are higher than normal, aggravating the respiratory system of many people.

Pollen refers to a powdery substance that plants generate and spread into the air to reproduce. The particles will collect on almost every outdoor surface, including your pavement.

Pollen accumulation will not hurt your pavement, especially if you have a seal coat on your asphalt. But you should still clean this substance from the pavement regularly.

The best way to do this without harming the pavement is through pressure washing. To encourage you to wash and care for your pavement during the high-pollen season, read on and discover the advantages this maintenance will provide for your commercial property.

pollen allergy on commercial asphalt pavement

Benefits of Pressure Washing Pollen Build-Up from Pavement

Create a Healthier Environment

About 20% of people suffer from a pollen allergy, known as hay fever. So springtime can make these individuals sneeze, cough, and have a runny nose and itchy, watery eyes. These symptoms, while somewhat mild, can be very disruptive.

When pollen builds up on your property, it can exacerbate hay fever for your employees and customers. If they feel discomfort due to allergies, they may want to leave or might reconsider returning to your place of business. To reduce the effects of a pollen allergy, you should wash away pollen build-up on your pavement and the rest of your property.

Pollen can also make your pavement more slippery if it accumulates, putting the people who frequent your business in danger of a fall. Keeping your pavement clean and free from pollen will eliminate this hazard and ensure people stay safe when they visit your business.

Improve Curb Appeal

Pollen often appears as yellowish dust. It can show up prominently on black asphalt surfaces, making the pavement appear dirty. If your property looks grimy and unclean, patrons will feel less likely to want to come to your business.

Taking care of your pavement by cleaning and washing it regularly will make your business more visually appealing. This routine care will keep the pavement more structurally sound too. In turn, this reduces the risk of forming cracks or potholes, and the pavement looks smooth and attractive for longer.

With clean pavement, people can feel impressed with your property and therefore more inclined to do business with you. So do not delay in washing and caring for your pavement when you see a build-up of pollen, dirt, and other messes.

Letting pollen remain on the surface can make it harder to clean properly later too. And people may track the pollen into your building as well if they walk through the build-up. There, it may harm your flooring and furniture and make even more of a mess.

For more preventative care tips for your pavement, call the paving experts in Annapolis, MD at Cooper Paving at 410.263.0229. If you have a paving job coming soon, they can provide an estimate for their services at no cost to you. Inquire for advice and more today.

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