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Crushed gravel consists of loose stones, and this material makes for a firm foundation for pavement. Whether you want to mark a pedestrian path, create a parking lot, or build a patio, gravel can help you construct the outdoor paved area of your dreams.

Before you commit to paving with gravel, you will have many questions regarding maintenance and durability with this product. Read on to learn more about the timing expectations you can anticipate when you choose to pave your commercial space with gravel.

stone and gravel pavement maintenance

How Long Does Gravel Pavement Last?

Paving experts estimate that a gravel road can last for fifteen years or much longer, depending on its usage. This material requires less maintenance than asphalt or other similar types of pavement. And you can worry less about repairs because the loose gravel will not crack or form potholes that require repairs.

You will need to replenish the stones of gravel pavement. And the frequency of this upkeep depends on the amount of use the area gets. It ranges from annual to once every two or three years. The weather in your area, specifically the amount of rainfall, could mean you need to re-gravel your pavement more often.

How Do I Care for Gravel Pavement?

Your gravel pavement can last longer when you keep it clean and properly maintained. A major step of this includes replenishing the loose gravel when needed. If you notice an uneven surface in your gravel, especially sunken or low spots, you should add more gravel to the pavement.

Before doing so, you should rake the gravel, and you should rake it again after laying down the fresh layer of stones. This action helps to fill bare spots, allowing the gravel to settle naturally. It will also remove debris that may collect in the gravel, ensuring the pavement stays smooth.

Consider spraying your gravel with a hose as well. This will wash away any gravel that has been crushed to dust that may spread and make a mess of your property. If you need help stabilizing the gravel on your property, call your local paving company.

What Is the Length of the Gravel Pavement Installation Process?

You likely wonder how long it will take you to have a gravel pavement of your own. The length of this process will vary depending on how large of a space requires paving. You can consult with a paving expert to receive an estimate for the cost and time of your paving project.

The pavement experts will need to prepare the surface of the ground, ensuring it is flat and smooth before they begin laying the pavement. Gravel pavement will need several layers, at least four inches in thickness, with larger stones at the bottom and smaller stones at the top. Each layer will be compacted before the fresh layer is added.

This attention to detail ensures longer-lasting and more durable results. Trust a professional with your next paving project.

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