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Asphalt is a popular choice for paving driveways, parking lots, and designated public spaces. Its durability can withstand harsh weather conditions better than other materials. But when you pave a space with asphalt, you often use gravel first as a base. This foundation will strengthen your asphalt and make it last longer.

If you skip this step in your paving project, you will lose durability in your asphalt and it could suffer more cracks, potholes, and other damage as a result. Read on to learn why paving experts suggest choosing gravel as the base material for your asphalt pavement.

new gravel and asphalt pavement

Affordable and Effective Pavement Type

While gravel is not the only option to use as a base for asphalt pavement, it is highly recommended by most paving experts. Gravel will allow for a smooth application of asphalt. Compared to alternative materials, gravel is affordable as well, so you do not have to wreck your budget to have high-quality pavement.

You will not see a delay in your project when you choose gravel for this base. Stone and gravel is a common material that your paving contractor will keep on hand. So you do not have to worry about waiting for a company to order a product before your project can begin.

Gravel is commonly used for a reason. It can achieve the best aesthetic finish for your asphalt without compromising structural integrity. Learn more about the benefits of gravel when paving by contacting your local pavement experts. They can elaborate on the process of laying a base and give you a quote at no cost to you.

Choose the Best Base for Soil Conditions

Your paving contractor will level the space and ground before starting to pave an area. But the ground is different from property to property, and a base will ensure your asphalt pavement remains flawless no matter what.

When paving, your contractor will consider the underlying soil as well as the draining capability of the area. Crushed gravel has a looseness to it that allows for effective drainage so that moisture will have another place to go besides the asphalt. Then moisture will not linger to create cracks and other problems with the pavement.

Gravel is also heavy and sturdy enough to compact the soil beneath the asphalt. This will allow the base to remain steady and solid, providing ideal support for the asphalt above it. Gravel’s ability to reach both of these goals makes it perfect to serve as a base for asphalt pavement.

The thickness of the base will matter when it comes to building a strong foundation for your asphalt. Your contractor will know how much gravel to layer onto the area before laying the asphalt. These proper preparatory acts will help you save time and money when it comes to maintenance for your asphalt. Hire paving experts who will consider these long-term goals for your project.

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