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If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you have likely considered the accessibility of your establishment for your patrons. You want your building to be easy to find, recognize, and visit. A parking lot can ensure patrons can reach your shop or office by car and feel confident leaving their vehicle in this space.

Though the benefits of adding a parking lot to your property may seem clear, you should be detail-oriented when it comes to its construction for optimal results. Read on to find three factors you should consider when you pave your commercial property to build a new parking lot.

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3 Tips for Paving a Parking Lot

Determine the Purpose of the Lot

You may think a parking lot involves pouring asphalt only, but careful planning is necessary with a project like this. You will want to look at the designated space of the lot and think about what types of vehicles will want to park there. Will they park for extended periods of time? Will this lot see a great deal of usage and traffic?

These factors will determine the thickness of the pavement needed as well as the angles of the parking spaces and the number of them. You may also need to consider additional spacing for this lot if you need a drive-thru lane or loading zone. Understanding the needs for this space in the early stages of the project can ensure the construction goes smoothly.

Build with Safety Precautions in Mind

Not only do you want the new parking lot to function effectively. You will also want to make sure you, your employees, and your customers stay safe in this part of your property.

Maintaining a safe space means that you should plan with safety precautions in mind from the beginning of your project. You will want to avoid building parking spaces that have blind spots that could result in a vehicular accident. You should also factor in how your lot connects to main roads in a safe way.

Make sure the space also stays well-lit during the evening hours. This way, pedestrians and drivers alike can navigate the area without worry. Designate parking spots, crosswalks, and more with very visible paint too.

Plan Long-Term Maintenance for Your Lot

Once you build a parking lot, the asphalt will require maintenance to ensure it looks and feels its best. You should trust the installation and the care of your lot to professional pavers who will construct it with expertise.

They will also suggest seal coating the asphalt so that it will remain protected from outdoor elements like moisture, harsh weather, and heavy usage. You will need to reapply a seal coat every three to five years to keep it strong.

Repair any cracks or potholes promptly to avoid worsening the damage to the pavement. Regular inspections done both by yourself and by an expert can ensure no lingering problems will harm the asphalt. With proper care, asphalt can last up to 20 years.

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