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The arrival of warm temperatures and pleasant weather conditions can inspire many people to spring clean their homes. If you own a business, you understand that cleanliness and good appearances play a major role in your success.

Now could be an ideal time for you to take care of your commercial property too. If your outdoor area is paved with asphalt, this space requires routine maintenance to look and function at its best. Read on to find a checklist from your local pavement experts on how to care for your asphalt this spring.

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Tidy Your Outdoor Space

When winter accumulation of ice and snow clears, you may notice that leaves and other debris have built up on your pavement too. Take some time to tidy your outdoor area. This is an easy start to improving the look and therefore the atmosphere of your business.

You can sweep debris to get it clean. If trash remains on your asphalt, moisture from rainfall may not drain properly. This could lead to structural damage to the pavement. Prevent this problem by keeping your property cleared of excess debris with regular cleaning.

Inspect Your Pavement

Heavy snow can weigh down on the pavement on your property, which could cause harm. Its melt-off can also seep into asphalt and create cracks or potholes.

This type of damage to your asphalt makes it look less appealing to potential patrons of your business. But it can also pose a safety risk to vehicles or pedestrians that could hit this damaged section of pavement.

Inspecting your asphalt when the weather becomes clear can reveal these hazards promptly. Then you can call a paving contractor to repair the damage before they deepen and get worse and therefore harder to fix.

Reapply Seal Coat

When your first had your space paved with asphalt, the paving contractor likely recommended that you seal coat your new pavement. This process involves applying a protective layer over the asphalt to preserve it and lower the chances of cracking and other damage. It can also ensure that your asphalt will last as long as possible without needing replacement.

The seal coat needs to be maintained, however, in order to continue being an effective shield over your asphalt. Experts recommend applying a new seal coat every three to five years. In the long run, this can stop major pavement issues that could require extensive and costly repairs.

Repaint Your Asphalt

Paint on your asphalt can be an efficient way to indicate where pedestrians should or designate vehicle parking spots. Over time, this paint may fade, making it more difficult for your employees and customers to navigate your property.

You can keep people satisfied and safe by repainting your pavement. This fresh look will also make your business more attractive to potential customers.

Check with your paving contractor to know which types of paints will work best with your asphalt. Wait an appropriate amount of time after seal coating or after it rains for optimal results.

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