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Crushed stone and gravel are useful materials as a base layer for construction projects. But this type of pavement can be utilized in projects on its own. Gravel comes in various sizes, shapes, and stone types, making it versatile for many sorts of pavement jobs.

If you are planning to pave an area of your commercial property, stone and gravel may be the optimal choice for your project. Cooper Paving, a team of pavement professionals located in Annapolis, MD, lists three spaces where you can use stone and gravel pavement.

gravel pavement installation in Annapolis Maryland

Ideal Locations for Stone and Gravel Paving

Patios and Walkways

Stone and gravel can be the perfect material if you are building a patio space or walkway on your property. The crushed stone can appear beautiful while clearly designating a path or an outdoor seating zone for your patrons.

The material is also soft while offering stable support for people walking upon it. It is a cheaper pavement option compared to stone tablets or other materials and requires little maintenance to keep it looking its best. You can consult with a paving expert to determine if the usage of your space and local weather conditions will make stone and gravel the best choice for your needs.

Drainage in Gardens

Gravel has become a popular addition to many gardens on commercial properties. Adding crushed stone or gravel to a flower bed can deter pests from disrupting and damaging your plants, keeping your landscape beautiful.

Stone and gravel also serve as drainage aggregates, meaning that moisture from the act of watering plants or rain will not accumulate. This can allow the water to better reach the roots of the plants and keep them healthy.

Your property can also be safer and more attractive without puddles accumulating in garden beds. Check with a pavement professional before laying your gravel to determine which specific material will provide the best drainage benefits.

Aesthetic Enhancement in Landscaping

Many commercial clients add stone and gravel pavement to their outdoor facilities because it boosts the appearance of their property. There are a variety of styles and patterns you can utilize when laying this type of pavement.

The flexibility of gravel allows an opportunity to express a unique style when landscaping. For instance, you can line existing pavement, such as sidewalks, parking lots, or driveways, with gravel, enhancing its appearance while protecting underlying soil. Gravel’s drainage capabilities and the stability of the material provide both functional and aesthetic value, making it a great choice for your project.

Stone and Gravel Paving Experts Located in Annapolis, MD

Cooper Paving provides stone and gravel, asphalt, and tar and chip pavement options to commercial customers in the greater Annapolis, MD area. Our team of paving experts can inspect, install, repair, and seal coat pavement on your property. To get an estimate for your paving project at no cost to you, contact our staff by phone at 410.773.9244 or reach our office online.

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