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Have you noticed a hole cracked into your pavement? Though asphalt is a durable paving material, potholes can form when water and moisture accumulate under the pavement. It will expand as it freezes and contract as it melts in a cycle that can disrupt the pavement and form holes.

These potholes disturb your roadway or parking lot on many levels, and you should not delay when calling a professional to repair this type of damage. Cooper Paving, a team of pavement experts serving the greater Annapolis, MD area, lists three reasons why you should not procrastinate pothole repair on your property.

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Prevent Further Pavement Damage

When a pothole forms, the cycle of groundwater expansion and contraction does not stop. This means that the hole in your pavement can worsen, becoming wider and deeper.

The issue can also be exacerbated as vehicles utilize the pavement. The weight of tires passing over the pothole can create further damage to the asphalt. This disruption in the pavement may similarly put vehicles at risk of garnering damage as well.

As the problem progresses, you may be facing greater costs for repair services. A bigger pothole will take a team of professionals more time and more materials to fill. To save yourself time and money, you should schedule a repair to a pothole as soon as you can.

Prioritize Public Safety

As mentioned, vehicles may be in danger of harm when driving over asphalt that has a pothole. This means that drivers and passengers of these cars or trucks could be at risk of losing control of their vehicle, putting their personal safety in jeopardy.

If the area features pedestrian traffic, people walking over a pothole may trip or fall and hurt themselves, especially when visibility may be reduced at night. Repairing potholes as soon as possible can keep members of the public safe. Prioritizing the elimination of safety hazards can also improve your favorability in your community as well.

Boost the Look of Your Pavement

A pothole or other visible damage to your pavement can give the impression that the property owner puts little maintenance or care into the appearance of their facilities. This can make them assume that the owners will put the same minimal effort when it comes to their services, lowering the esteem of the place of business.

For commercial establishments, this inference can mean a major loss in profits. Making swift repairs to potholes, cracks, and other pavement issues will ensure your property continues to look its best and appeal to potential customers and patrons.

Call a Pavement Professional in Annapolis, MD

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