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If you run a business, you understand the importance that appearance can play in your success. When renovating your outdoor commercial space, it is important to choose a type of pavement that will enhance the look of your property and inherently boost your profits.

Asphalt has many financial, logistical, and safety advantages, but choosing this pavement style can look beautiful too. Cooper Paving, an expert commercial pavement contracting company located in Annapolis, MD, lists three reasons that asphalt pavement can make your space more aesthetically appealing.

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Choose a Bold Appearance for Your Pavement

If your commercial establishment needs paving for a parking lot, access road, or other space, asphalt can make the area look beautiful. Its dark color will stand out against landscaping, concrete buildings, and other surrounding landmarks.

While the appearance of the asphalt itself may lack customizable options, you can easily paint this type of paving material. You can mark clear parking spaces and road lines on the pavement with paint.

With easy-to-follow indicators on the pavement and attractive colors, customers may be more inclined to visit and become patrons of your business. Your choice in pavement can signify safety as well as style.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

The exterior of your commercial facility can accumulate grime and debris over time, and your pavement is no exception. Everyday use and harsh weather conditions can take their toll on your property and leave it looking worse for wear.

However, with asphalt paving, you can keep your outdoor spaces clean with much easier maintenance than other pavement options. Asphalt’s porous make-up makes it effective when it comes to water drainage, so you can worry less about moisture accumulation.

You can also clean the area with power washing to eliminate stains and lingering debris. Though asphalt requires routine maintenance, including seal coating, the care is not as time-consuming as some other paving materials.

Looking Better for Longer

With effective care and maintenance, asphalt can retain its appealing appearance for longer than many other paving materials. Seal coating can extend the life of asphalt pavement by protecting it from rain, snow, sunlight, and other external threats.

Asphalt is soft, so if repairs are required, the project is easier to complete without disrupting your business compared to other types of pavement. The average longevity for asphalt pavement is 15 to 20 years. You can talk to your paving contractor about how asphalt can impact your specific property when you request an estimate.

Consult with Commercial Paving Experts in Annapolis, MD

Cooper Paving offers expert paving, seal coating, and repair services for commercial clients in Annapolis, MD. Our team works with asphalt, tar and chip, and stone and gravel materials and can help you accomplish your specific pavement goals. To get an estimate for your paving project at no cost to you, contact our staff online or reach us by phone at 410.773.9244.

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