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Temperature drops can bring excitement for commercial establishments, as customers look forward to shopping and celebrating the winter holidays. But winter brings harsh weather conditions, and if your business has gravel pavement, you may worry about how to preserve it.

Loose stones will survive winter’s havoc with proper preparation and care. Cooper Paving, a professional paving company in Annapolis, MD, offers tips for maintaining your stone and gravel pavement this winter.

winter gravel maintenance in Annapolis Maryland

Rake Gravel With Intent

Throughout the year, you rake your stone or gravel pavement to keep an even appearance and structure. Before winter hits your area, you should continue raking your gravel with strategy in mind.

Gravel tends to settle toward the edge of pavement when it is used frequently over time. This could make your driveway or path vulnerable to ice formation where stones are uneven. Thus, you should rake gravel toward the center of your pavement for optimal safety precautions.

Use Salt Before Harsh Weather

When the weather calls for a snowy or icy storm, you should take action to preserve your gravel pavement. One of the best ways to do this is to spread salt over the area. This lowers the freezing point of any water that may accumulate, so that ice is less likely to develop.

Paving experts also recommend that you lay down heated mats over your stone and gravel lot before snowfall. These mats can melt snow rapidly using minimal wiring and energy so that you have less accumulation to deal with.

Consider a Snow Blower

Snowfall can get very heavy very quickly during the wintertime, which can make clearing the build-up difficult. However, large amounts of snow can harm pavement if left for long periods of time.

Professionals recommend using a snowblower when possible to remove snow from stone and gravel pavement. This method effectively moves the accumulation out of the way without disrupting underlying gravel, which a traditional shovel could do.

Stone and Gravel Pavement and More in Annapolis, MD

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