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As temperatures drop, you may want to consider caring for your pavement before harsh winter weather arrives in your area. Asphalt pavement is durable but requires maintenance to ensure maximum longevity.

While you can complete smaller tasks on your own, you should talk to a paving expert to make sure your pavement is ready for the cold weather months. Cooper Paving, a pavement laying and repairing company located in Annapolis, MD, outlines three maintenance tasks for your pavement that you can handle this fall.

pavement fall maintenance in Annapolis Maryland

Keep Pavement Clean

Outdoor pavement can gather dirt and debris over time, and mild fall weather creates the perfect opportunity to clean this area. Grime can make your pavement less appealing for potential customers or patrons, so this cleaning process can help your business as well.

Clean pavement is also in better shape to be resilient for longer against harsh weather conditions. You can start with picking up litter in the area or raking leaves, and then consider power washing your pavement to maintain its structure and appearance.

Complete Necessary Repairs

With a clean slate, you can have a good view of any repairs that may need to be completed in your pavement. Minor cracks can worsen and require costly repair work if not taken care of promptly, especially with icy and wet winter weather conditions approaching.

Your local pavement professionals can fix cracks, potholes, and other damage in your pavement. They can help you inspect the area as well for other potential issues that need repairs.

Maintain Edging

As you inspect your asphalt paving and prepare it for the change of seasons, you should also check the edges of the pavement. Weeds, grass, and other plants can spread from the edging and create cracks in the pavement that will worsen with rain, ice, and snow.

Removing weeds and mowing back grass can protect your pavement from damage and save you money in repairs down the line. You can complete this maintenance task on your own or speak to a professional.

Expert Paving and Repair Services in Annapolis, MD

Cooper Paving offers asphalt, gravel, and tar and chip paving services for commercial properties near Annapolis, MD. Our expert team can also help with seal coating, repairs, and treatments for your pavement, especially as weather changes. To get an estimate for your paving project at no cost to you, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 410.773.9244.

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