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If you want to repave a parking lot or repair a commercial driveway, you are likely trying to narrow your search for the best company to hire for the job. Advertisements for local businesses in your area can be overwhelming, but taking initiative can help you find the ideal contractor for your needs.

Cooper Paving, a team of paving experts in Annapolis, MD, outlines the most effective way to find the optimal paving company for your commercial project.

How to Select the Best Paving Company in Maryland

Visit Their Website

A company’s website should list the services they provide in detail so that you can understand if they are capable of facilitating the paving that you need to be completed. For instance, if you need a contractor with expertise in repaving stone and gravel driveways, you should check that their website lists this as one of their specialties.

You can also review the company’s prior projects in the gallery on their website. The images they share can give you a good idea of the quality of work you can expect if you choose to work with them on your own project.

Read Online Reviews

Online reviews are an excellent way to find honest feedback about a company that you intend to work with. Past and current customers can rate their services and write detailed accounts about their experiences with this contractor.

This provides further insight into what you can anticipate in your own project with this company. You can also see potential red flags in these reviews and bring them up with the contractor when you contact them.

Get an Estimate

You should be able to meet with a paving contractor and receive an estimate for your proposed project at no cost to you. This should be accurate to what your final bill will look like. Online reviews can let you know if this company was unable to provide reasonable quotes in the past.

You can also compare the cost of working with this contractor with competitors. While price should not be the sole issue in hiring a paving contractor, it can still factor into your decision.

Commercial Paving Experts in Annapolis, MD

Cooper Paving offers optimal asphalt, gravel, and tar and chip paving services for commercial clients in Annapolis, MD. We also seal coat and repair pre-existing pavement. To get professional help with your paving project, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 410.773.9244.

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