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Asphalt pavement is durable but requires maintenance to look its best. Experts recommend seal coating your pavement every few years to protect its foundation from exterior elements.

Even with precautions, pavement cannot remain pristine forever and may need repairs. Cooper Paving in Annapolis, MD describes when you should resurface and when it would be better to replace the damaged pavement.

asphalt pavement maintenance in Annapolis Maryland

Should I Resurface My Pavement?

Minor cracks and holes can be patched fairly easily. If you notice your pavement needs this maintenance frequently or damage becomes more severe, you should resurface the pavement.

This process involves replacing the top layer of asphalt with fresh material. The pavement gets the benefits of appearing brand new without needing to rehabilitate the foundation. This refreshes the appearance of your pavement and can make it last for up to 15 years longer.

Resurfacing can be the best choice for your pavement if the foundation remains structurally sound. Older pavement or more extensive damage may require a more thorough solution.

When Is It Time to Replace Pavement?

Pavement usually lasts for 20 to 25 years before it needs to be replaced, even with routine maintenance and repair work. Repaving costs more than resurfacing, but if the asphalt is crumbling with age, this process is a cost-effective investment.

Replacing pavement can give your property a smoother, more aesthetically pleasing appearance that is safer for drivers and pedestrians. Experts recommend repaving if more than 30% of the pavement needs repairs.

Cracks that reform shortly after repairs can indicate a problem with the foundation of the pavement, indicating it is time to replace rather than resurface. You should consult with a paving expert about potential projects because several factors can impact your paving goals.

Repaving is best done during warmer weather because cold temperatures are not conducive to the asphalt paving process. If your pavement is in bad shape during the winter, your local paving contractor will likely recommend patching until the temperatures rise.

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