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Asphalt has become one of the most popular choices in pavement material since its widespread usage in the nineteenth century. It remains a prime option for paving today.

But what makes asphalt so effective in road, parking lot, and driveway construction? Cooper Paving, a paving services company in Annapolis, MD, describes the benefits you can expect when you choose asphalt pavement.

asphalt paving services in Annapolis Maryland

Efficient Construction

Asphalt paving is popular for many reasons, but many property owners appreciate that this material makes for quicker construction completion. Asphalt takes less time to dry before it is ready to use, meaning contractors can finish the job more rapidly.

This means fewer delays and interruptions for your business if this project occurs at a commercial establishment. Similarly, any required maintenance can be conducted more quickly than other material choices too.

Enhanced Safety

Asphalt is smooth, which means your vehicle can move easily and safely on this surface. Its dark color also reduces glare from the sun, makes road markings more visible, and better melts snow and ice, ensuring an even safer experience.

The material is also flexible, with enhancements that can be added depending on the amount of traffic expected, the anticipated weight endured, the local weather, and more. With adjustable safety features, you can customize asphalt to suit the unique needs of your pavement project.

Environmentally Friendly

Asphalt can be recycled, and it requires less energy to produce than other materials. Asphalt can also be made from other recyclable items, like tires, to further help reduce environmental waste.

The smooth texture is also good for the vehicles that drive on this pavement, reducing the need for maintenance. This fact, combined with lower energy usage in production, saves customers, taxpayers, and clients money in the long run. Thus, asphalt is as friendly to your wallet as it is for the environment.

Find Asphalt Paving Services in Annapolis, MD

Cooper Paving provides asphalt, gravel, stone, and other pavement services to customers in Annapolis, MD. Whether your property is residential or commercial, our experts can help you with your paving project. To consult our team of professionals, contact our office online or reach us by phone at 410.773.9244.

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