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In many cases, your parking lot is the first thing people see when they approach your place of business. You want to make sure it is looking its best because customers will begin forming opinions before they step through your door. You want to ensure they are impressed. Upgrades to your parking lot can improve the appearance of your commercial establishment but also make it safer. Cooper Paving, a paving company serving Annapolis, MD, offers three ways you can update your commercial lot.

3 Ways to Update Your Public Parking Lot

Fix cracks

Cracks and potholes mar the smooth appearance of an asphalt parking lot. If left untreated, the damage will worsen, meaning repairs will get more expensive the longer you wait to fix them. Asphalt deterioration happens naturally when exposed to elements, so it’s important to check your lot for signs of damage, especially after a season of severe weather. Cracks and potholes pose a safety risk as well. Customers and employees could trip or damage their car if asphalt is not repaired promptly. Stay safe and keep your lot looking its best with repairs.

Invest in lighting

Depending on your hours of business, the sun might not be present when customers visit your business. If your building is shrouded in darkness, customers may find your business unappealing and avoid it. Inefficient amounts of lighting are a safety risk. Customers and employees may hurt themselves if they are unable to see where they are going. Your lot may also become a target for crime if there is a cover of darkness for delinquents to act. Proper lighting will make your lot more welcoming and help keep people safer.

Fresh coat of paint

Paint can chip or peel over time, and if the appearance of your lot is deteriorating in this way, your customers may assume you treat your business with similar neglect. Avoid this assumption by applying a fresh coat of paint to your lot. This will make your commercial lot look cleaner and aesthetically pleasing. Clearly marked parking spaces and crosswalks will also ensure your lot is safe for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Commercial parking lot paving in Annapolis, MD

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