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When someone outside the industry looks at asphalt, they may not notice the difference between asphalts. But experts in asphalt in Annapolis, MD, the staff at Cooper Paving, can tell the difference in types of asphalt and know that the makeups can change depending on the season. Learn more about the changes in asphalt and what it means for your commercial paving project.asphalt in Anne Arundel County Maryland

What is Summer Asphalt?

Summer asphalt is typically available from April to December. It’s often referred to as “hot asphalt”. It’s what’s usually used for bigger, commercial paving jobs. These include roadways, parking lots, and larger driveways. This form of asphalt is mixed at around 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

It’s crucial that summer asphalt stays at this temperature and is applied quickly to keep at this temperature when it’s applied. If it cools down at the worksite, it needs to be reheated. Propane or diesel heating systems can do this at the worksite so that a project doesn’t have to shut down because of cooled asphalt.

The reason this asphalt is used for summer is due to the fact that it can only be applied onto ground that’s warm and dry. This is why it’s used primarily during the summer season, and not during winter when it’s usually cold and wet.

What is Winter Asphalt?

Winter asphalt is typically used from January to March. Since summer is a lot better for installing an asphalt driveway, winter is usually used for patching up problem areas. When asphalt is put on colder surfaces, it takes longer to cure. Smaller batches are better in these instances. If you try to pave an entire parking lot in the winter, it takes an extremely long time to cure. This means more time before you can use the lot and have customers park in it.

Winter asphalt doesn’t have to be kept at a certain temperature to continue to be used. You can store winter asphalt and use it later for other projects. Patching on busy roads and urban areas can’t really be done in the winter. If you have some downtime at your business and can have days where areas of your lot aren’t disturbed, winter asphalt can be beneficial.

Commercial Paving Services

At Cooper Paving, we offer commercial paving for parking lots, asphalt roads, and asphalt driveways, no matter what size it is. We can also do asphalt resurfacing and any patching or repairs that may be needed in your parking lot. No matter if it’s summer or winter, you can call us to get your paving needs taken care of.

Experts in Asphalt in Annapolis, Maryland

At Cooper Paving, we specialize in asphalt paving services. Check out our commercial gallery of work to see examples of our projects. If you’re looking to start a project with us, call us or contact us online.

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