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Businesses typically have asphalt for their parking lot or customer driving area. However, gravel may actually be a better option when you’re looking to redo the driveway or parking area for your business. Cooper Paving explains why Annapolis, MD stone and gravel can be a great choice for you.

stone and gravel driveway contractor in Annapolis, Maryland

It Offers a Different Feel

The curb appeal and aesthetic value of stone or gravel driveways compared to asphalt driveways are completely different. While asphalt is sleek and looks nice, gravel can give your business a homier feel. You can choose the color of the stone or gravel you want. This is a great option to match with the outside of your business, creating a solid theme that continues into your driveway.

It’s Cheaper

Especially if you have a large area to cover, gravel is often the cheaper option. Other materials are more expensive and can be difficult if you’re a small business with a large driveway or parking area. You also have to consider the maintenance costs, as things like asphalt will need seal coatings or repairs every few years to keep the area in the best shape.

It Lasts Longer

Compared to asphalt, a gravel driveway can last up to four times longer without needing serious maintenance or repair. This makes it more cost-efficient and it’s also less hassle. If your gravel driveway is installed properly, it’ll be sturdy. However, potholes or cracks will need to be filled immediately if they happen so that they don’t get worse. Depending on the environment and traffic, it will also need to be regraded occasionally.

It’s Unique

Many other paving companies don’t offer gravel in their selection. At Cooper Paving, we want to make sure you get the exact look you’re going for. That’s why we offer both stone and gravel paving for your business. You shouldn’t have to struggle to find a unique alternative for the usual asphalt driveway or parking lot.

The Process of Gravel Paving

When we install your gravel driveway, we’ll first prep the ground that will become the driveway. The topsoil is removed and we compact the dirt so that it’s flat and even. A geo-textile fabric will be laid over this compacted area.

We’ll then add multiple layers of gravel. The bottom layers contain the stones largest in diameter, about three to four inches. They’ll have sharper edges so that all the pieces can lock together better. We’ll compact each layer before adding the next. When we get to the last one to two layers, the gravel will be smaller and have the aesthetic value you’re looking for.

Stone and Gravel in Annapolis, Maryland

Is a gravel parking lot the ideal look and price for your business? Check out our gallery of work to see examples and call us today or contact us online!

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