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As a business owner, it’s your job to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. This doesn’t just mean with marketing and services offered at your business. The exterior of your business needs to live up to your reputation as well. Making sure your building exterior and parking lot are in good shape is important. Cooper Paving, asphalt contractors in Glen Burnie, discuss how you know it’s time to repair your asphalt parking lot.Asphalt contractors in Anne Arundel County Maryland

How Long Should My Asphalt Lot Last?

If your asphalt parking lot was properly installed, it should be lasting up to 20 years. However, there are many factors to be considered when estimating how long it’ll actually last. If you’re in a high-traffic area, you’re going to need to do more upkeep to ensure that it’s looking its best.

To keep your lot looking inviting, you should be sealcoating and doing minor repairs every two to three years. Repaint lines and make sure that they stand out well. All of these things are important to making sure your parking lot looks its best.

Why Should I Keep Using Asphalt?

You may be thinking about changing the material of your parking lot. Maybe you think that stone or gravel will be a cheaper option for your lot. But there are many benefits that come along with asphalt that you don’t get with stone or gravel. One of those is that customers will be happier with a smooth asphalt lot than they will if they’re trying to avoid getting stone or gravel in their shoes.

Asphalt is cost-effective while giving the outside of your building an appealing look. Asphalt is also a black color, meaning it’ll melt sun fast. It’s pliable so that it can handle the constant freezing and thawing of a typical Glen Burnie winter without becoming too damaged.

When Should I Repair My Asphalt Parking Lot?

One of the easiest ways to tell is to look out at your parking lot. Take a walk around it and observe everything you see. Are there potholes? Are there chunks of asphalt breaking away from the rest? Are there a lot of stones made from the asphalt breaking up scattered around the lot? If you see anything that could inconvenience a car or a customer, it’s time to take a look into repairs.

It’s also something for you to consider if you know you haven’t been keeping up with sealcoating and minor repairs. You may not even need to look at it to know it needs to be repaired. If it’s been years since you’ve had anything done to it, it’s going to need minor repairs at the very least.

Cooper Paving: Asphalt Contractors in Glen Burnie

Cooper Paving uses the best technology and paving equipment to give you a smooth, even lot again. We provide grading to ensure that water is running properly and not interfering with anything. Our dedicated team can give you back a lot that’ll impress your customers. Call us today or go online to receive a free estimate and take a look at our gallery of work to see the quality for yourself!

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