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You may not know this, and most of us probably do not know that asphalt is actually more environmentally friendly than most other products on the market today. If you have ever seen asphalt being laid, whether on a commercial highway roads or on a driveway, you see a dark black substance with some steam coming from it. This can make it hard to believe that asphalt is safe for the environment. Cooper Paving has listed a few ways that asphalt paving in Maryland can actually be safe for the environment.Environmental Friendly paving in Annapolis Maryland

100% Recyclable

  • Asphalt is one of the most recyclable products on earth as it can be reused over and over again simply by reheating. The process of reheating asphalt causes little to no loss during the recycling process. This means the asphalt that you are driving on may be decades old, if not older!


  • Asphalt is porous, which means that water can pass through it just as if it were natural soil. Other hard paved materials such as concrete can create serious issues with runoff and can create standing water. Standing water can be a haven for creating toxic chemicals and mosquitos that can carry disease. With asphalt, there will be no accumulation, allowing water to recycle directly back into nature’s own recycling system.

Use Of Other Waste Products

  • During the recycling process, asphalt uses other hard to recycle products such as waste oil and concrete, which helps eliminate illegal dumping or waste procedures for these materials. Given that these materials are very hard to dispose of and the constant need for asphalt to be recycled, it makes for a great combination in helping our environment stay green.


  • Unlike other forms of paving such as concrete, asphalt is flexible and can be molded in many shapes or forms. This means that when laying asphalt in, a heavily wooded area, it will need less removal of mother nature to lay the surface down. Also, when asphalt needs maintenance or to be refinished, only the thin top layer will need to be replaced. This is an advantage over concrete, as concrete would need to be broken up, removed, and then completely replaced.


Contact us for a free estimate today. Cooper Paving can help you not only with commercial asphalt paving in Maryland, but we have the knowledge base to help you properly understand how asphalt can help with drainage issues that you may have and how asphalt can help the environment.

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