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Unfortunately, summer is rapidly coming to an end, and we must prepare for the upcoming winter months. Wintertime has its own positives, such as some of the most exciting holidays of the year like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. However, with the wintertime will come frigid cold temperatures and inclement weather like ice and snow.

If you just recently had your new asphalt driveway paved or even just sealed your already existing asphalt driveway, we have listed some helpful winter tips that we are sure to help your asphalt not only look its best when summer comes back around but also function as it should.

Use Plastic Snow Shovels

  • You may want to use a metal-edged shovel to help with breaking up ice that has formed on your driveway, however metal shovels can and will damage your driveway. This means that you are going to have to get out early with your snow removal and use a lightweight plastic shovel to ensure that your driveway stays in excellent condition.

Looks For Signs

  • If your driveway is newly laid, then you may not see these signs, and if you do, then your maintenance may need to be improved. If you happen to notice cracks or potholes in your driveway, make sure to give us a call immediately.

Avoid Rock Salt

  • Hopefully you do not need to use a de-icer at all for your driveway, however, if you do, then avoid using rock salt as it is damaging to asphalt. If possible, use magnesium chloride will work effectively all the way down to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

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