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using ice-melt on driveway in Anne Arundel County Maryland

Everyone has seen the ice melt or salt packages for sale at the local store. And everyone has seen the salt and sand trucks on the highway before, during and after a storm to help melt the ice to provide a safe travel experience for everyone on the road. Well, the same goes for your home and the driveway as you do not want the  guests getting hurt on your driveway just because it snowed and has since turned to ice.

So, we can agree to use a certain type of ice melt for your driveway, but we are sure that you have heard the horror stories about how salt and some of the chemicals found in certain ice melts are bad for your driveway and can break up the concrete or asphalt. So, we are going to explain which type of ice melts are safe and most effective for your driveway.

For Concrete Driveways

Calcium chloride-based ice melts are preferred due to them having superior melting power as well as are superior in preventing the re-freezing of water after it originally melts.

For Asphalt Driveways

Calcium magnesium acetate-based products are going to be better for asphalt driveways because of their non-corrosive traits. While they may not be as powerful as calcium chloride products, they are still very effective and will keep your asphalt driveway intact while also providing a safe walking surface.

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