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asphalt driveway in the summer heat in annapolis mdAsphalt is perhaps the most popular type of driveway in the United States given that is excellent for all types of climates, the most economical, and has little to no maintenance. Even though asphalt is extremely durable in all conditions, it will still need some maintenance to ensure that you get the most out of your new asphalt driveway. We have listed some helpful tips and trick to do in the summer months when the asphalt is at its most vulnerable state due to the extreme heat, and help make sure that you asphalt driveway last as long as it is supposed too.

Before Summer Arrives

  • Fix Cracks or Holes: Crack or holes that may have developed over the winter time will only get worse in the summer heat as the asphalt tends to be at its softest in the extreme heat. So make sure to give us a call if you notice any cracks or holes in your asphalt driveway before the summer heat really starts to kick in.
  • Seal Coat: Seal coating is most likely the best way to preserve your driveway for the long haul as it will protect against heat oxidation, water damage and will help protect your driveway against any other elements such as hail, broken branches or tree limbs, etc. Not to mention, a fresh seal coat will help put a nice new shine on your asphalt similar to putting tire shine on your tires.
  • Avoid Sharp or Excessively Heavy Objects: Just like anything that you want to keep nice, you want to keep sharp objects from dropping on your driveway such as nails, razor blades, etc. Also, extremely heavy products, such as automobile engines, excessively heavy trailers, etc.

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