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gravel driveway installation and repair in Anne Arundel County MarylandYour driveway is often the first thing people will notice when approaching your home, so it is considered an investment just as much like the roof on your home may be. When deciding on which type of driveway you would like installed at your home, it is important to look at the pros and cons of each style. Today we are going to talk about the positives and potential negatives of a gravel driveway. Gravel driveways are more common in rural areas, and on occasions where you may have a very long or large driveway.

Advantages Of A Gravel Driveway


A Gravel driveway is by far the most economical option for your driveway when comparing this method between pavers and concrete. All though you may need to put a new top layer on your gravel driveway every few years depending on how active the driveway is and weather conditions.


A gravel driveway still needs to be properly graded and leveled to assure a long last, effective driveway; however, there is no downtime for the material to settle when compared to concrete or pavers. A soon as the final gravel is put down for your driveway, you will be able to use it.


If you live in a rural area and enjoy that old style look than a gravel driveway is a driveway for you. Also, depending on how large your front yard is, you may enjoy the looks of a gravel driveway much more than a driveway with pavers or concrete.

Inexpensive Maintenance

No matter which driveway you choose, it will more than likely need some type of maintenance. A gravel driveway will gift you with inexpensive maintenance costs.

Disadvantages Of A Gravel Driveway


Gravel driveways can be dirty, especially in the summer months as it can become dry and dusty. So, if you just cleaned your car and have to drive up your gravel driveway, chances are that your car will become dusty more quickly than it would on a driveway made out of pavers or concrete.


Gravel may sink in areas of heavy rain or where vehicles are parked as well as ruts may form. Luckily, these are fixed at an inexpensive rate, whereas repairing pavers or concrete will be much more expensive and labor intensive.

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