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If you are thinking of paving your walkway, driveway or patio, you will need to consider the materials you want to use for your paving project. Asphalt, concrete, gravel, pre-made pavers, and tar and chip mixtures are the most commonly used paving materials. You will also have to access the needs of your household and the desired appearance that you want to achieve.


Asphalt is relatively easy to use. While the paving process is similar to concrete, asphalt does not require as much upkeep as concrete. It is also less expensive than concrete. Asphalt paving is a popular solution for smaller paving projects like a home or small business. Asphalt works better in cooler climates. It tends to soften in hotter climates.


Concrete is used to create residential driveways, walks, and paths. The material is extremely durable and can retain its sleek appearance for years with simple maintenance. Unless you have been trained in the mixing and pouring concrete process, you should hire a professional. Cooper Paving Professionals are well trained in the concrete paving process. We use state of the art machinery to help achieve the desired appearance of your paving project.


While many homeowners choose gravel for their driveways or walkways, it is not a good choice if you want to pave your patio. Before you invest in a gravel driveway, you’ll need to consider the elements. If you choose gravel for your driveway or walkway and layer it over dirt, you will have a muddy mess on your hands when it rains. Besides that, the appearance will be less than appealing. Consult with a Cooper Paving professional about using gravel for your paving project before you make that investment.


Pavers are a popular DIY project and are pre-made pieces of concrete, asphalt, brick or other durable materials. Pavers come in different colors and textures and offer the most options for creativity. With a little imagination, you can turn your paving project into an attractive conversation piece.

Tar and Chip

A tar and chip driveway can be a beautiful and durable alternative to asphalt or concrete. Small stones or concrete chips are mixed into tar and then spread over the surface to be paved. The mixture results in a resilient finish and is great for traction in colder climates or where ice and snow can be hazardous. Tar and chip material can be a great safety investment but be sure to avoid mixtures with larger chips as they can puncture tires or cause injuries.

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