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protecting driveway in Annapolis Maryland Is your commercial or residential parking lot prepared for the harsh winter weather conditions? Cold weather and snow and salt can take a harsh toll on your pavement. Winterizing your commercial or residential parking lot/driveway and pavement will help protect your business investment and will increase your home property value. Cooper Paving offers pavement winterizing services to both commercial and residential property owners.

The Importance of Maintaining your Lot

Potholes and debris can be visually unappealing as well as a safety hazard to both commercial and residential property owners. Repairing your lot before a heavy snowfall can help protect you and/or your clientele from unwanted accidents. A well-maintained lot can be easier to clean and will make driving and walking surfaces safer for drivers and pedestrians.

If you are a business owner, you will be held liable if someone is injured on your property. The same is true for residential property owners. You don’t want this to happen. Any surface that is not maintained has the potential to cause an accident. Personal injury or automobile damage may then become grounds for a lawsuit against the business/homeowner.

How Cooper Paving Can Help

The qualified professional contractors at Cooper Paving will pave your business parking lot or pavement as well as your residential driveway or pavement. We will ensure a safe and smooth driving and walking surface for you and/or your clients. Not only will it look better, but it will also be easier and less costly to maintain. An asphalt lot can also withstand the extreme Maryland temperatures from hot, humid summers to frigid winters. Salt, oil and other substances can corrode your lot, driveway or pavement. Our professionals use asphalt which will help prevent the damages that these substances can cause.

At Cooper Paving, we pride ourselves on delivering quality paving services. We have done so for over 50 years. Our business is family-owned and operated. We will help you choose the right surface for your home or business within your budget. We also offer repair services for damage and wear to your paved surface as well as water drainage solutions. Don’t Delay! Contact us today!

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