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When it comes to commercial paved parking areas, there’s no so such thing as simple wear and tear. It’s the same way on highways, city streets, and country roads. Everything from the amount of traffic to seasonal changes can cause the pavement to crack. Parking lots and other paved areas don’t last forever. Ignoring these cracks won’t make them go away. They are there to stay and widen until they become potholes or sinkholes that swallow up everything.

Not only do cracks expand over time, but the costs to repair them expand too. The property that you invested your time and energy into is becoming an eyesore as well as making walking or driving on it dangerous to your clients or customers. By waiting the pavement will continue to wear down due to oxidation which causes the cracks to get deeper or more cracks to form and then the area becomes more unstable due to the water that has penetrated it over time.

What Can Be Done to Prevent Further Damage?

The best way to prevent further damage to the pavement area is to get a seal coating. Sealcoating your paved areas on a regular basis will maintain the integrity of the pavement. Cooper Paving recommends that you schedule a seal coating for your paved areas every three to five years. It’s the best way to maintain them.

What are the benefits of sealcoating?

  • The pavement will last longer.
  • It prevents surface oxidation and erosion.
  • Stops water from seeping to the asphalt base.
  • Protects the pavement from the sun, chemicals, and oil or gas spills.
  • Creates a smooth surface for parking lot striping and sweeping.
  • Eliminates the cost of a full asphalt replacement.

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