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protecting driveway in winter in Annapolis MarylandWinter time can be harsh on your paved surfaces. Your sidewalks and driveways can take hit from all the ice and snow and from removal methods.  Pavement can become cracked if not properly sealed and salt can erode your pavement.  Cooper Paving offers some tips and services that can help protect your paved surfaces this winter.

Protect Your Pavement

Paved driveways should be sealed every few winters. Cooper Paving offers top of the line seal coating to prevent the cracking of your driveway during the winter season. Seal coating waterproofs your pavement and fills in small cracks to prevent them from growing in the cold weather.  Seal coating can save you money by prolonging the life of your pavement.

It is also important to remove snow and ice immediately after a storm to help prevent damage to your driveway and sidewalks. Removing snow before it builds up keeps your pavement from cracking and makes it easier to remove.

Keeping your driveway clean of chemicals and repairing cracks prior to the winter can prevent damage from occurring during the ice and snow season.  Ice and snow can seep into small cracks causing them to spread or grow. Small cracks can become big problems during the winter months.

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