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seal coat driveway in Annapolis MarylandAt Cooper Paving we are frequently asked, “How often should I seal coat my driveway?”.  Our response depends on several factors and is unique to each homeowner.  To start, ask yourself the following questions about the condition of driveway and the environmental changes it may have seen over its lifespan…

Determine if Your Residential Driveway Needs To Be Seal Coated

  • How has the winter been? If it’s been a tough winter with lots of snow, freezing, thawing and drastic temperature drops then your driveway has encountered some damage due to the temperature fluctuations.
  • How has the summer been?
  • What does the driveway surface look like?  Weather beaten, faded, chipped, or cracked?  If your asphalt driveway is visibly worn then most likely it could you a coat.

Industry standards dictate between 3-10 years for seal coating driveways that experience moderate to minimal weather conditions throughout year.  Those who have more severe weather in both summer and winter can expect to seal coat their driving surfaces more frequently, almost annually.

It is helpful to keep your driveway clean, and free of oils and chemicals to extend the life of your driveway and ultimately save you money.  Curb appeal also factors into the ultimate value of your home so it is essential to keep your driveway well-maintained.

Still not sure if your driveway needs a seal coating?  If you live in the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County area contact the experts at Cooper Paving.  They offer free estimates with competitive pricing and great customer service for both residential and commercial paving needs.

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