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asphalt driveway in Anne Arundel County MarylandIf you’ve recently had your asphalt driveway installed or repaired you’ll want to keep it looking fresh for years to come. Asphalt is one of the strongest and most durable surfaces to choose for your driveway. Caring for it only requires a little attention time and attention from the homeowner.

Clean Up Spills

Just like the inside of your home, you’ll want to clean up any spills as they occur. Oil and debris can affect the look of your new asphalt driveway and may even cause it to wear faster if not cared for. Cleaning up fuel and oil spills as they occur will maintain the driveway and your home’s curb appeal.

Avoid Heavy Vehicles

When your asphalt driveway is new avoid driving and parking heavy vehicles on it. Leaving boats and RVs on new driveways can create divots in the asphalt. In some cases you can place a buffer like plywood under the tires so as to avoid any damage.

Be Aware of Tire Tracks on Fresh Asphalt

Tire tracks can form on new asphalt especially in the summer as the sun heats the surface. Sharp, tight turns are the culprit of these formed tire tracks. Ask drivers to use caution when entering your driveway to avoid the problem all together.

Choose a Reputable Contractor

Additionally, if your driveway is installed and sealed properly it should last for a good while when properly maintained. Check out the contractor’s gallery of work and ask neighbors and friends for recommendations.

If you live in the Annapolis, MD area contact Cooper Paving for your asphalt paving and repair needs. They have been serving Anne Arundel County for over 5o years with outstanding service and quality workmanship.


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