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The Season For Asphalt Paving, Annapolis MD‘Tis the season for potholes and patched roads in the Mid Atlantic.  Why not give your home or business the gift of a smooth driving surface this holiday season?  Copper Paving of Annapolis, MD can take your driveway or parking lot from treacherous to tremendous with quality asphalt paving services.

Why Asphalt Paving?

Asphalt paving offers a cost effective, durable and environmentally friendly option for your driving surface. Most people will experience damage to their driveway or parking lot at some point. Asphalt is reliable and can withstand the toughest weather and traffic conditions. Another advantage of using asphalt is its responsiveness to change– it can contract and expand without causing any damage. This means cracking in the asphalt is reduced due to its flexibility. In harsh weather conditions, asphalt paving reduces skidding, and keeps roads free from ice and snow. Asphalt roads or highways provide a smooth riding experience.

Having a qualified professional contractor pave your residential driveway or business parking lot will ensure a safe and smooth driving and walking surface for your family and your clients. Not only will it look better, it will be easier and less costly to maintain. An asphalt lot can also withstand the extreme Maryland temperatures from hot, humid summers to frigid winters. In addition, the corrosive effects of salt, oil and other substances are less likely to damage a well paved and maintained asphalt parking lot.

Why Choose Cooper Paving?

Cooper Paving of Anne Arundel County prides themselves in delivering quality paving services for over 50 years. The family owned and run business can help you choose the right surface for your home or business within your budget. They also offer repair services for damage and wear to your paved surface as well as water drainage solutions.

Check out their Gallery of Work for businesses and residential properties. They offer expert advice and free estimates to get your paved surface ready for what winter has in store!

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