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Winter Is Coming - Be Ready With Cooper Paving!Winter will be arriving in the Mid-Atlantic before you know it.  Why not be prepared this year and get your home and property ready for winter’s harsh conditions before it starts?!  At Cooper Paving we know the toll that weather can take on your driving surface.  It’s important to treat your home as an investment and protect it from potential damage.

How To Prepare Your Driveway For Winter

If your driveway is paved, it is important to have it sealed every few years. Seal coating the driveway makes it waterproof and fills in any cracks that have developed over time. Seal coating also prevents oil, gas, salt, and sun damage. Cooper Paving Services also offers seal coating services. They use either a spray or brush technique to seal asphalt driveways. This lengthens the driveway’s lifespan.

In addition to paving and sealing your driveway, removing snow and ice immediately after it accumulates will help prevent damage to your driveway. Sometimes snow that has frozen and thawed on your driveway can cause more damage than snow that is removed immediately after falling. Also, try to scrape up ice as thoroughly as possible soon after it appears on your driveway.

Keeping your driveway clean of chemicals and debris throughout the year can prevent damage during the winter as well. Debris that has collected on your driveway can lead to cracks in the asphalt and melted snow or ice can seep into these cracks. Removing debris before cracks can form will prevent damage to your driveway in the winter.

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