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Driveway Seal Coating To Protect Your InvestmentDo you want to insure that your asphalt driveway stays in the best condition possible for as long as possible? If so, you need to consider seal coating.

What is seal coating?

As a means of preserving asphalt surfaces, seal coating is either brushing or spraying on an oil-based liquid protectant. The procedure is recommended by asphalt companies to cut down on cracking and to keep your asphalt in the best possible condition.

The sealant applied in the seal coating process coats the asphalt and protects it from many things that can deteriorate the surface such as water, sunlight, chemicals, petroleum products and salt. When water seeps into the asphalt and freezes, it expands and causes the asphalt to crack. Various chemicals, petroleum products such as gasoline and oil, or melting salt will also penetrate the asphalt and cause damage. Sunlight breaks down the asphalt glue and causes it to lose its strength to a point where it can no longer hold the rock and sand particles together. It also causes the asphalt to dry out and become less flexible. Chunks might even break off along edges and on corners. Eventually, after suffering the effects of sunlight and other factors, the asphalt will change color, accumulations of sand will show up in the low spots, and the larger rocks will come loose. Grass will grow in the cracks and where rocks used to be, and the surface will only continue to deteriorate.

Applying a seal coat to your pavement would have shielded it from all these damaging elements. Having it applied while the asphalt is still new or in good condition is recommended. Seal coating can at least double and many times, triple the life of an asphalt surface. If, however, some of the damage described earlier has already taken place, cleaning and repairing it followed by seal coating can still add years of use to your surface. Not only will you reap the benefits of a better and longer lasting surface, but you will reap the financial benefits as well. Seal coating is much cheaper than replacing, and keeping your property well maintained always makes it worth more.

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