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What is the best material for your driveway surface?Choosing the best material for your driveway surface will ensure a long lasting investment in your home.  Trust the experts in paving in your area to recommend the right driving surface for your needs.  Cooper Paving of Anne Arundel County has the knowledge and experience to help you choose the best driveway for your home within your budget.


Asphalt paving offers a cost effective, durable and environmentally friendly option for your driveway.  Most people will experience damage to their driveway at some point or another. Asphalt is reliable and can withstand the toughest weather and traffic conditions. Another advantage of using asphalt is its responsiveness to change–  it can contract and expand without causing any damage. This means cracking in the asphalt is reduced due to its flexibility. In harsh weather conditions, asphalt paving reduces skidding, and keeps roads free from ice and snow. Asphalt roads or highways provide a smooth riding experience.


A professionally installed gravel driveway can perform as well as an asphalt paving solution and last up to four times longer than traditional asphalt. Cooper Paving gravel driveways are installed using the same design elements that are found in major roadways, and our driveways are made with only the highest quality crushed gravel. Less expensive than concrete or stone, crushed gravel has the best compaction rate of any driveway construction material. When installed with our state of the art equipment, it creates a gravel driveway that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Customer service is Cooper Paving’s top priority, ensuring that each job, no matter the size, is done right the first time. Special attention is given to each and every driveway project that we do. No job is too small or too big. Our residential driveways are installed on schedule, on budget and to the customer’s complete satisfaction.

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