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seal coating driveway in Annapolis MDWhen IS the best time to seal coat your driveway? We at Cooper Paving of Annapolis, Maryland say right now! Anytime between spring and fall in the mid-Atlantic area is optimal for seal coating your driveway or paved surface.

Cooper Paving has been servicing the Anne Arundel County area for over five decades of Maryland winter weather. We recommend maintaining your paved surface by seal coating it every two to fives years depending on your location and the severeness of your weather. We know all about the potential for another snowmageddon in Maryland and the toll it can take on your driveway, so why not be prepared with a fresh seal coat this winter?

Maintaining your driveway with a seal coat will save you money in the long run. Oil, salt, water, sunlight, and gas can reek havoc on your paved surface. Avoid the hassle and cost of pricey repairs and take preventative measures to keep your driving surface free of cracks or holes.

With a maintained driving surface you will benefit from…

  • A sound driving surface for your vehicle.
  • Curb appeal for your home.
  • Added value for your home, your biggest investment.
  • An extended lifespan of the driving surface.

Not sure if your driveway is in need of seal coating right now? Ask a professional. Cooper Paving offers free estimates for seal coating and repair. We are a family owned and run company established in 1958 and have a reputation for providing top quality work.

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