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If you’re thinking of getting a new driveway installed on your property, a tar and chip driveway may be a better alternative. “Tar and chip” refers to a paving technique that blends liquid asphalt and squashed stones to make surfaces that are both strong and attractive. Not only are these kinds of driveways typically long lasting, they’re also generally equipped with terrific traction.

tar and chip driveways in Anne Arundel County MDAnother benefit of tar and chip driveways is pure affordability. They typically don’t cost as much as asphalt driveways. They also don’t require a lot of maintenance. If you’re a busy individual who has little time to handle driveway upkeep requirements, then investing in a tar and chip driveway may be a fantastic solution for you. Tar and chip driveways don’t require routine sealing. When tiny cracks in these driveways develop, they often fix themselves or are barely visible to others. Warm temperatures heat tar and fill up these openings, causing stone to obstruct them nicely. When you own a tar and chip driveway, you don’t have to think too often about resurfacing it. They’re generally good for a maximum of a decade or so before they require any resurfacing work.

Tar and chip driveways also boast natural visual splendor. Since they’re made using stone, they appear natural, subtle and refined. If your property has a lovely and natural look, then the installation of a tar and chip driveway can make a wonderful and fitting addition.

Tar and chip driveways also have textures that are on the uneven side. This is a benefit in times of inclement weather. If your driveway is coated in snow, ice or rain, for example, it has stronger footing thanks to the texture of its surface.

The benefits that are associated with tar and chip driveways are a nice mix of economical and aesthetic. If you want a strong and dependable driveway that’s free of unsightly cracks and that won’t eat up your time, tar and chip driveways may be a great choice for you.

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