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A pavement that has a seal coating requires regular maintenance because the coating protects the surface from harsh weather. It also stops wear and tear that is caused by oil spills and intense heat.

When oil leaks from an automobile and drops on a parking lot, the chemicals slowly weaken the top layer of the concrete. Over time, the toxic elements in the oil will make the asphalt crumble. Without maintenance, unsightly potholes will generate on the pavement. However, if a parking lot is inspected every few months, a technician can apply a new coating before certain areas become unusable.

Never Ignore Pavement Maintenance Tasks

If maintenance is ignored, sun, gasoline, oxygen, rain, and ice will destroy the pavement. When an unprotected concrete slab ages, the material becomes very brittle. After cracks generate on the surface, water intrusion will create potholes. A monthly preventative maintenance service is the solution to this problem. Seal coating, line striping, and cracking filling procedures protect parking lots throughout the year.


Businesses that hire a seal coating technician save money because the coating makes the asphalt last longer. On average, a typical parking lot without a sealant lasts for 10 to 12 years. After a coating is applied, the surfaces remain strong for 25 years.

When to Hire a Technician

According to industry experts, a parking lot usually requires maintenance every two to three years. However, because sunlight, water runoff, and traffic can increase wear and tear, the maintenance time can vary. Usually, if the surfaces are somewhat gray or the coating is wearing away, a new coating is required.

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