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Has the winter weather been taking a toll on your driveway? Perhaps your driveway is showing its age. The experts at Cooper Paving of Annapolis, Maryland can help you decide whether to repair, resurface or replace your driveway.

There are many factors to take into account when deciding to replace or repair your driveway. The most influential include:

Driveway Age

If your current driveway is more than 20 years old it’s probably showing some serious wear and tear due to the elements and possible other issues. Odds are, it’s been repaired over the years and the material, whether asphalt or concrete, is starting to fail. The same issues may continue to arise in addition to new problems as the years progress. Due to these factors it may be in your best interest to replace.

Driveway Look

Over the years constant freezing and thawing of the driveway in addition driving heavy vehicles over it can weaken it and may show pitting or cracks of minor damage. In this case, repairs may be in order to patch these cracks or small holes. These patched areas may make the driveway appear worn and in poor condition and effect the overall look of your home. When selling a home, potential buyers may find that a patched driveway lacks curb appeal and therefore sellers my opt for resurfacing or replacement prior to selling.


Replacing your driveway can be a big investment and you will want to weigh the factors effecting your specific driveway. Repairing or patching can be a quick fix but may need continual attention. Resurfacing is another option that requires replacing the top layer of your driveway at a fraction of the cost of total replacement giving you a new driveway in appearance. It is a solid alternative to replacing your driveway but should only be considered if your driveway is free of foundation issues.

To learn more and receive expert advice on driveway repair or replacement contact Cooper Paving.

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