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Driveway grading is an important first step to install a stone or gravel driveway. At Cooper Paving in Glen Burnie, MD we understand the importance of grading gravel and stone driveways.

Grading a driveway has many advantages including its ability to maintain proper driveway drainage. When gravel driveways settle over time they may result in areas of unwanted ruts and potholes. This can create puddles for your driveway when the elements hit, and it can also cause unsafe driving on un-even surfaces. In this regard, grading your driveway can also help to protect your vehicle from pothole damage.

The most common way of grading a driveway is to attach a large grading blade to a truck or heavy tractor. These tow-behind devices are similar in many ways to a large metal rake. Driving up and down the driveway with the blade attached to the back of a vehicle, the blades of the tool will dig into and redistribute the gravel, evenly layering in to a flat surface, while filling holes and strengthening weakened areas of the driveway.

Your gravel driveway may need to be touched up periodically as well to maximize its longevity and help cut down on long term repair and maintenance costs. It is moderately possible to grade your gravel driveway by hand, however, it is far better to call a professional to produce the best, longest lasting results.

Cooper Paving has been providing driveway grading services in Anne Arundel County since 1958. Their experienced operators can help maintain your current gravel, or install a new complete driveway grading. Contact us today!

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