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Asphalt is created from the crude petroleum found within the mantle of the Earth. It is also known as bitumen, especially in the United Kingdom and Australia. In technical terms, asphalt is a sticky substance known as asphalt cement in the manufacturing industry. When combined with aggregate, asphalt cement then becomes asphalt concrete, the substance that many roads are composed of in America.

Asphalt requires some protection against the elements and erosion to ensure that it lasts as long as possible before needing to be replaced. Below are some common problems that can affect asphalt surfaces and how seal coating can help.

Sunlight and the constant wear of tires on an asphalt surface will eventually turn it from a shiny black to a dull gray. A seal coat will help preserve the original shiny color of your asphalt surface.

Oil spills and other vehicle fluids can cause permanent staining of an asphalt surface. Seal coating provides a barrier against these and can help keep your asphalt surface looking fresh.

Wear and Tear
Asphalt parking lots will especially benefit from an asphalt seal coat. Vehicle traffic will eventually wear away the top layer of the parking lot, which contains minimal aggregate material. Once this top layer is gone, the degradation of the asphalt will continue as the aggregate is loosened and worn down. If the damage is not arrested, potholes will develop, leading to safety hazards and an unsightly appearance. Asphalt that has lost its integrity is also more prone to water intrusion, leading to cracks and splits.

Asphalt Sealers
Asphalt seal coats are essential for the longevity and safety of your asphalt surface. To preserve your asphalt, consider having a seal coat applied by a company you can trust. Cooper Paving is family-owned and proud to serve the asphalt repair and seal coating needs of the Glen Burnie MD area

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