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Roads, driveways, and parking lots suffer wear and tear, but not all of it is from cars. Over time, water, gas, sunlight, oil, and salt will break down the asphalt and cause it to crack. Seal coating helps reduce this type of wear and tear, and it helps to improve the life of paved surfaces.

Seal coating is applied using a brush or spray technique over the paved surface. This has the benefit of helping to prevent the natural breakdown of the paving materials, and it helps prevent much if not all of the cracking that winter cold can cause in a paved surface. Since asphalt is a petroleum based product, other petroleum products tend to react with it and cause it to break down and crack. Seal coating forms a barrier between these products and keeps them from interacting.

For those living and working in the Glen Burnie area, companies like Cooper Paving can help. Since 1958, Cooper Paving has been helping the residents of Maryland maintain and repair their paved and gravel surfaces. They specialize in providing paving surfaces that include seal coating and repair and making it as cost effective as possible while providing quality service.

Repairing cracked surfaces is just as important as preventing it from cracking, and companies like Cooper Paving can help. Their knowledge and experience means that customers can be sure that their driving surface is in capable hands and is sure to last for years. They offer free estimates and are guaranteed to get customers the answers they need quickly and efficiently and at a price that won’t break the budget.

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