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Has the cold of the pas winter been harsh on your driveway? Cooper Paving is only a phone call away if you are in the Severna Park area of Maryland. We also service other communities in the area. Our team will work together to examine the damage on your driveway. We will then come up with a solution that will make your drive look new again. Whether it is a large parking lot or small driveway, we will make sure the job gets done to your satisfaction.

There are several paving services that the company offers. We can grade the area in order to prepare it for paving. After the grading process, we can add gravel to the area if it is a driveway or small parking lot. Asphalt is our specialty. It is a process we take pride in, and after the job is done, we will make sure it lasts through seal coating and repairing cracks and damaged areas. If you need additional parking for your company, we can add spaces that will look similar to those already there.

The cold of winter can be brutal on a driveway. This is because of the contracting of the cold weather and then the expansion of the heat. When the winter months have weather that is freezing one week and very warm the next, this can take a toll on the driveway. If there are only small cracks, we can try to seal them so that the entire surface doesn’t have to be replaced. Larger breaks would mean that the portion of the asphalt needs to be filled in, and in some cases the entire surface would need to be redone. However, we will thoroughly look at the area to find the best way to repair it so that you don’t have to pay a large amount of money.

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