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Asphalt pavements, whether used in a residential driveway, parking lot or roadway have a service life that can be extended with routine maintenance. Seal coat and repair services can protect the asphalt surface from damaging elements including chemicals, salts, weather and petrochemicals.

In Maryland, asphalt pavement without maintenance will last approximately 8 years on average. Other factors to determine its longevity include its design, drainage, sub-base, asphalt depth, compaction, and the capacity to bear traffic. However, with proper seal coating, maintenance and routine repairs every few years, the longevity of the asphalt material can extend far beyond its expected lifespan.

Degradation by Sunlight

The asphalt material used for driveways, roadways and parking lots is a simple combination of sand and rock, along with liquid asphalt “glue” that binds the solid materials together. Over time, UV radiation (sunlight) will begin breaking down the liquid asphalt to a point where it significantly weakens its ability to hold the sand and rock together. As the product degrades, the black asphalt color turns to brown and eventually to gray, weakening the entire pavement structure.

Degradation by Poor Resistance

Due to poor resistance, asphalt pavement can quickly break down from gas spills, oil spots, and exposure to chemicals and salts if not properly sealed and repaired. Melting salts used to control snowfall and ice during the cold months in Maryland can cause major degradation to the asphalt pavement, requiring costly repairs if not properly seal coated.

Providing Protection

In Annapolis, and other areas throughout Maryland, Cooper Paving seal coat and repair can lay down a protective barrier between the asphalt pavement and harmful external elements. Using high-grade emulsion sealers, the company can make the pavement surface highly resistant to sunlight, chemicals, salts, oils, gas and water.

To ensure proper sealing, the company performs crack sealing to prevent water penetrating into the asphalt base that can soak and swell limestone and destroy the load bearing strength of the pavement. Proper maintenance can produce beautiful results to maintain or repair a driveway, roadway or parking lot, leading to greater satisfaction of the property owner, commercial structure employees and/or residents.

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